Board of Education

Board of Education

Board of Education members The Athens Area School District is divided into three regions.  There are nine school board directors, three from each region, who are elected for terms of four years.  The Board of Directors represents the community by developing policies, budgets and having a vision for the future of the school district.

The Board meets on the second and third Tuesday of each month.  Please see Board Meeting Dates for locations.  Special meetings are scheduled as needed.  Any special or emergency meeting would be advertised at least one day prior to the meeting in The Morning times.  If there is any change to this schedule, a notice will be posted on the front entrance of Athens Area High School and the Administration Office door.  Meetings are open to the public.

The first meeting of the month members meet in groups as Committees.  The Board divides its committee work into groups as follows:

Group # 1 – Finance & Operations
Group # 2 – Personnel & Policy
Group #3 – Curriculum, Instruction & Technology
Group #4 – Athletics & Extra Curricular Activities
Group #5 – Negotiations

Board member Karen Whyte represents the Athens Area School District as the PSBA Liaison.

Board member Lonnie Stethers represents the Athens Area School District on the advisory board for Intermediate Unit #17.

Board member Gayle Burkett represents the Athens Area School District on the advisory board for the Northern Tier Career Center.

For information regarding board policies or meeting dates/times/locations, please contact the School Board Secretary, Nancy Russell at (570) 888-7766 Ext. 4347.
John Johnson
Karen Whyte

Lonnie Stethers

Gayle Burkett

John Cheresnowsky

Charles Frisbie

Kathy Jo Minnick

Joseph Joyce

Jamie Westbrook

Pat Barrett

Nancy Russell
(Secretary non-member)
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