Pool Party Rentals

Pool Party Rentals

*Please use the link for the Facilities Use Request Form below.  Return pg. 7 to the High School Main office with fee.

District Facilities Use

(fill out pg. 7)

The pool is available to rent when not in use for school programs. You will need to fill out an Athens Building Use Form. (see the link below)

For clarity, a birthday party would most likely be considered category 3:

2 hours / 25 people would cost $100 plus any custodial fees that may be required ($25/hr)  – $150 total
2 hours / 25-50 people would cost $125 plus any custodial fees that may be required ($25/hr) – $175 total
Reservations and payment should be made at least two weeks prior.
The following dates/times are available for rental:

Available dates/times:  (School events are always given first priority)  These are Saturday dates.  Weekday rentals may require additional notice.   We will post your name next to the time slot to indicate that time is no longer available.

2018-2019 School Year

Dates are dependent on pool availability and subject to cancellation due to PREDICTED weather.
All other requests will be considered based on availability of the facilities and staff.

Pool parties consist of use of the pool area, diving board, locker rooms and lifeguards.

A limited number of lifejackets are available, but your guests are encouraged to bring their own properly fitted and coast guard approved pfd.  Blow up floatation devices are strictly prohibited, therefore do not bring “water wings” or “swimmies” as they are not permitted in the pool.

You should make yourself and your guests aware of the pool regulations as posted at the pool and here online.

A designated area for snacks, drinks, etc can be made available.  The group using the facility will leave it ready for school use.

For additional information or questions:  Mark Keister aquatic director (570-888-7766 EXT 3313) or Patricia Corino Administrative Assistant (570-888-7766 EXT 2239)
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